Hydrocarbon leakages and Corrosion Under Insulation CUI or UIC are industry headaches,

even after many decades these are issues that are unable to be addressed with any real sense of confidence or solutions. Pipes Under insulation corrodes both externally and internally. In either scenario these forms of corrosion lead to “Product” or Hydrocarbon leakages. These pipes are always shielded from the naked eye and so often go unnoticed.

The implication of corrosion on these critical pipes is insurmountable. These leakages often cause fires, explosions and even FATALITIES.

Annually, Corrosion is costing industry hundreds of $Billions globally.
A huge resource drain for CUI is visual strip and search which is used widespread in the industry and is the only “Guaranteed” method of detecting external corrosion. Pigging the pipes is often used for identifying internal corrosion however the frequency of pigging would not guarantee the identification of internal corrosion from one pigging session to another.