Device Specifications

A program of production H2Obvious devices have been independently evaluated to demonstrate the validity and performance of the device


The impartial evaluations were conducted by Capcis Systems Limited (UMIST) www.capcis.com who are recognized leaders in the arena of testing and authentication of materials and products specifically for corrosion monitoring and integrity management within the Oil, Gas, Utilities and Petrochemicals industries.

Capcis Limited conclude:

“The production model H2Obvious detectors survived exposure to pipe temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius (356F) without apparent damage, and operated effectively after this exposure.”

“The H2Obvious detectors were able to detect the presence of fluid in a situation of fluctuating temperatures and cyclic vaporizing and condensing within the insulation. Depending on the position of the collection funnel, H2Obvious is able to detect and activate the presence of fluid in the insulation which has not (yet) reached the pipe surface” (Capcis ref. MC5533).

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